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The elegance in bridal styling 

Classic & elegant bridal styling that withstands the test of time.

Class and Style

Be yourself, but better.

Polished in person, natural in photo



that withstand the test of time

Huiling is a makeup and hair artist goddess! She managed to make my hair a real stunner that day. My hair had volume, fringe didnt look flat and sweaty. Hair curls shaped my face really well. Her makeup made me so beautiful too- it was comfortable to wear throughout the day, no pokey or heavy eyelash extensions, or awkwardly placed eyelid tapes. It remained fresh for a long time. Not cakey, and didn’t make my face break out in oily patches. Prior to my wedding day, I also went for facials and drank collagen peptides to prep my complexion.

What stood out to me was that Huiling was able to troubleshoot any issues that came with the makeup, improvise and change things on the go if they are not working. She was really steady and professional, and I love how chill and humble she is! Although her pricing is slightly on the premium side, but I believe in the importance of spending money to engage someone who will give you a peace of mind on your big day. She also helped me with the task to coordinate 3 assistant makeup artists for my mummies and bridesmaids. Generally she is good with her time management, and also advised me on how much buffer time to give.

Overall, I was very pleased with her service. I received glowing compliments of everyone saying how beautiful I looked. Money well spent! Love her work!

- Ella


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