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The Italian Job

One fine morning, I received a message from Angie whom I did makeup for her Icon Ball in 2017. Turned out that her original makeup artist couldn't make it to her pre-wedding shoot in Italy. And off I went to Amalfi Coast with Alwin (from Trouve) & videographer Shiwei (from Arkfilms). I wouldn't say the journey was a smooth-sailing one especially with the jet lag, delay in flight, and consequently using the expired train tickets which got us fined. But I guess it's these little crazes that makes this trip so memorable as I look back. .

The first set took place at Cimbrone Villa where the movie, Wonder Woman was filmed. It was a classic bridal feel which (I'm sure!) would withstand the test of time.

Angie & I both agree that the boat shoot is our favourite set because it is so vogue-style and stylish. But the filming & shooting was most tedious. Angie was suffering from serious nausea while having to maintain balance on the rocky boat. Alwin was having a hard time getting stable shots. And Shiwen tried hard to get hold of his descending drone so that it wouldn't drop into the sea. Nevertheless, the video & shots were truly amazing.

Another one of my favourite was a dramatic set of rolling hills during sunrise. Adorned with poppies, the pictures were so colourfully & vividly captured by Alwin. By the end of the shoot, all our shoes (and the gown!) were covered in mud.

As I pen this journey now, I recall all the funny incidents & wonderful memories. To me, it's more than just a job. It's a trip which I enjoy genuinely. .

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