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Hokkaido's Shoot (Part 1)

What started as a photoshoot trip, turned out to be a really fun & enjoyable one. I had the opportunity to travel with couple Melisa & Edric, alongside the photography mastero Adrian Seetho. We travelled through various parts of Hokkaido and were intrigued by the scenery we saw. Melisa & Edric were really nice people who got along so well with Adrian & I, we eventually became friends and even met up at a local outlet of a Japanese restaurant that we had back then! Armed with his gadgets, Adrian always had a way with capturing candid and natural expressions, as well as stunning landscapes.

We started the makeup & hairstyling at 3am in order to catch the sun-rise by 6am!

We loved these rows of neatly-lined trees that set as a whitish backdrop for the shoot

It was only October and we were surprised by the presence of snow on top of the mountains.

Finally a well-deserved feast after the completion of the shoot!

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